Diamonds and it’s complexion?!

Diamonds with much greater shade of yellow has definitely lesser value. But it shows sparkle when it posses a shade of yellow while when if it is white it shows sparkling shine.

Undeniably diamonds may present itself in different attractive colors. This makes
them to be very precious because they are very rare. The common color which diamond has which you usually see is white to yellow. The whiter a diamond gets much better.

Nitrogen in diamonds results to its yellow color in appearance. Diamonds with much greater shade of yellow has definitely lesser value. But it shows sparkle when it posses a shade of yellow while when if it is white it shows sparkling shine.

In every rule there will always be exception to it. Just like with canary diamond. What is canary diamond?! Canary Diamond is a diamond which is a bright yellow diamond and much way too expensive. There are some which is very particular
when it comes with the color of a diamond.

Gran Fall Spectrum Colorimeter is used to best judge the color of the stone.
You can use the GIA color grading scale as your guide:
D, E, F: Colorless
G, H, I: Nearly colorless
J, K, L: Slightly yellow
M, N, O: Light yellow
P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X: Darker
yellow(least expensive)
Z: Fancy colors(expensive)

You should be knowledgeable about diamonds. Diamonds has reaction to ultraviolet light which is called Fluorescence. A fluorescence which is a faint one, is better which wouldn’t fog the diamond.

Do you know that a diamond’s’ clarity and color compliments each other?! Matching these two is known to be as Corresponding Grading.

Diamond is really very thrilling hobby but I must admit a really expensive one. But if you will not look at its cost but to its worth you will consider it to be a
worthwhile to spend your time and money for. Precious stone such as a diamond is something we people should we aware of. A stone from nature which we should consider a gift. A gift for humankind and for its being.

Diamond Jewelry Appraisals – Are they Worth It?

Learn about diamond jewelry appraisals and how they can benefit you today and in the future…

When you buy diamond jewelry such as diamond rings, diamond pendants, necklaces, or tennis bracelets, you’re not only buying a product, you’re investing in an item with tremendous value for now and the future. You can protect your investment by getting a certified diamond appraisal. Here are some benefits of appraisals and how they work.

Secure Proper Insurance for Your Diamond Jewelry

Since diamond jewelry is considered to be a financial investment, it’s wise to include it in your property insurance. Your insurance company will likely require a written description of the jewelry item. A diamond appraisal will define the specifics of your jewelry such as the weight in carats, cut size and shape, clarity, and appraised value. A photo of your diamond jewelry is included with your appraisal as well. Many appraisals today allow for three-year updates to update the value of your jewelry according to the current market since jewelry prices can rise and fall with the economy.

When applying for insurance, you’ll know exactly what the value is and how much coverage to obtain if you have a certified appraisal. If your jewelry is damaged or stolen, you’ll be able to replace it according to its actual value.

Selling Your Diamond Jewelry

In the event that you must sell your diamond jewelry, an appraisal will enable you to get top-dollar for your jewelry. You cannot accurately price your jewelry in this ever-changing market without a certified appraisal. What you paid for the diamond five years ago might be minimal compared to what it’s worth now. On the other hand, the value might have gone down as well. You’ll never know for sure unless you get an appraisal.

What Type of Appraisal?

It’s best to get a certified appraisal from a Graduate Gemologist, particularly for diamonds, a person who has a Gemologist Institute of America (GIA) degree specializing in diamonds. This guarantees that your appraisal is accurate and will provide multiple benefits when obtaining insurance or reselling the diamond jewelry later.

Where to Get Appraisals

You can locate a nearby gemologist by asking your local jeweler or by checking in the phone book or online. Some jewelry stores have an in-house appraiser who appraises jewelry for the store and its customers. Ask about qualifications before paying an appraiser.

Special Appraisal Offerings

When searching for diamond jewelry, you’ll find that some companies offer a free diamond jewelry appraisal with your purchase. This is a tremendous value-added service that can save you time and money. Once again, be sure the appraisal is performed by someone with a GIA degree.

You can usually find these types of offers online. Jewelry stores online offer a great selection and the convenience of shopping from your own home computer. You can shop for many jewelry items such as diamond rings, tennis bracelets, wedding rings, gold chains, circle pendants, diamond pendants, cluster rings, and more while never leaving your home!

Use these diamond jewelry appraisal tips to ensure peace of mind and to get the most value and enjoyment from your jewelry.