Diamonds And What To Do With Them

Diamonds are allotropes of carbon , whose hardness and high dispersion of light make it useful for industrial applications and jewelry.

Diamond in Greek means “impossible to tame”. Diamonds are found mainly in central and southern Africa, although significant sources of the mineral have been discovered in Canada, Russia, Brazil, and Australia.

There are Synthetic Diamonds and Natural Diamonds.

There is something so special about diamonds, and they are so valuable, that people have been trying to make them for a long time.

Synthetic diamonds were first produced in 1953, in Stockholm ,Sweden by ASEA ,Sweden’s major electrical manufacturing company. Pressure was maintained within a device at an estimated 83,000 atmospheres for an hour to produce these diamonds.

It now seems that it is possible to make diamonds in a laboratory so perfect down to the same atomic structure that DeBeers, the world’s largest diamond consortium, is running scared.

And you know what, these diamonds can be made and sold at a profit.

Apparently there are in Russia alone 5 laboratories producing synthetic diamonds that have the same atomic structure as natural diamonds but with ONE difference, they are too perfect.
They have the same characteristics as real diamonds, the same hardness, same conductivity, the same sparkle.

Different types of Synthetic Diamonds:

2 different processes are being used to produce Synthetic Diamonds:

The oldest process uses pressure, lots of it, and carbon.

Since diamonds are carbon, eventually people were able to make diamonds in this manner, but these diamonds were easily distinguishable from natural diamonds.

Originally, the pressure process was developed by GE and, by major manufacturers, on a much larger scale.

There is also a cubic press system.

The newest process actually grows diamonds layer by layer as a chemical process and is called Chemical vapor deposition.

This process allows many new uses for diamonds which in the past had previously been either too expensive to implement or too difficult to make.

The most important characteristic of CVD diamond growth is the ability to control the properties of the diamond produced.

Diamonds are now being used to machine tools, especially for non-ferrous alloys. CVD diamond also has applications in electronics. Conductive diamond has been demonstrated as a useful electrode under many circumstances.

Diamonds are also being used as radiation detection devices. Diamonds also have uses as semiconductors because the diamonds can be contaminated with impurities.

Diamond is the ideal material. It can be used in computers to run them at speeds that would melt anything on the market today.

Diamonds can also replace rubies to make lasers of extreme power.

Diamonds can be used as memory storage devices which could be so small as to allow a cellphone to fit into a watch and an iPod to store 20,000 movies.

Diamonds and it’s complexion?!

Diamonds with much greater shade of yellow has definitely lesser value. But it shows sparkle when it posses a shade of yellow while when if it is white it shows sparkling shine.

Undeniably diamonds may present itself in different attractive colors. This makes
them to be very precious because they are very rare. The common color which diamond has which you usually see is white to yellow. The whiter a diamond gets much better.

Nitrogen in diamonds results to its yellow color in appearance. Diamonds with much greater shade of yellow has definitely lesser value. But it shows sparkle when it posses a shade of yellow while when if it is white it shows sparkling shine.

In every rule there will always be exception to it. Just like with canary diamond. What is canary diamond?! Canary Diamond is a diamond which is a bright yellow diamond and much way too expensive. There are some which is very particular
when it comes with the color of a diamond.

Gran Fall Spectrum Colorimeter is used to best judge the color of the stone.
You can use the GIA color grading scale as your guide:
D, E, F: Colorless
G, H, I: Nearly colorless
J, K, L: Slightly yellow
M, N, O: Light yellow
P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X: Darker
yellow(least expensive)
Z: Fancy colors(expensive)

You should be knowledgeable about diamonds. Diamonds has reaction to ultraviolet light which is called Fluorescence. A fluorescence which is a faint one, is better which wouldn’t fog the diamond.

Do you know that a diamond’s’ clarity and color compliments each other?! Matching these two is known to be as Corresponding Grading.

Diamond is really very thrilling hobby but I must admit a really expensive one. But if you will not look at its cost but to its worth you will consider it to be a
worthwhile to spend your time and money for. Precious stone such as a diamond is something we people should we aware of. A stone from nature which we should consider a gift. A gift for humankind and for its being.

Diamonds, Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite: How They Differ

Diamonds are known for their sparkle and brilliance making them popular in jewelry as their shine is unmatched by any other gemstone. Symbolizing eternal love, diamonds are popular in engagement rings and wedding jewelry. Because of their hardness, diamonds are also used to cut and wear away other substances and are used for industrial purposes in drills, saws and engraving tools.

The jewelry and industrial uses for diamonds created a demand for the stones and also prompted the creation of imitations which mimic the qualities of a diamond with some differences. Cubic zirconia and moissanite are two of these that are popular in jewelry.

Both are diamond simulants meaning non-diamond materials are used to create them and simulate the properties of a real diamond. Both are less expensive than a diamond and have their advantages and drawbacks.

Cubic Zirconia vs. Diamonds

Cubic zirconia (or CZ) has been used in jewelry since the 1970’s. Cubic zirconias are more reflective than glass or crystal so they sparkle like diamonds. A CZ is not as hard as a diamond but weighs more, a fact that does not lessen cubic zirconias appeal since traditional carat sizes are small enough that their weight isn’t perceived as greater. The majority of diamonds have inclusions, or flaws (these are measured by the Clarity component of the four C’s of diamond buying.) CZs are optically flawless and they are colorless, another characteristics that is found in few diamonds as most diamonds have some yellow shading to them.

Moissanite vs. Diamonds

Moissanite is the jewelry name for silicon carbide and was introduced as a gemstone in the late 1990’s. Moissanites are more refractive than diamonds meaning they shine more brilliantly making this one of the easiest ways to tell it is not a diamond.

A moissanite is not as hard as a diamond but is harder than a cubic zirconia and it weighs less than a CZ. Moissanites do have inclusions like diamonds and may have green shading to them.

Both cubic zirconia and moissanite have a close visual resemblance to diamonds – they offer the luster and fire of diamonds while being mostly colorless and can be cut in the same shapes as diamonds. In jewelry making cubic zirconia and moissanite are not as popular so they are harder to find in specific cuts and are not regularly found in jewelry stores or traditional online jewelry sellers.

Diamonds – Diamonds are All About Clarity

Buying diamonds can be easy. Buying good to excellent diamonds requires knowledge about diamonds and clarity of diamonds.

Clarity is an important aspect of a diamond, and it is important to know how to grade the clarity of a diamond before you buy one. It is actually quite easy to learn how to grade the clarity of a diamond.

There are basically two things that you must understand:

Diamonds with visual inclusions and blemishes, and those that are ‘eye clean’ meaning that there are no inclusions or blemishes that can be seen with the naked eye. From there, the clarity of a diamond is further broken down into subcategories.

Many people mistakenly think that diamond clarity refers to how clear it is. This isn’t so. Clarity actually refers to the internal and external imperfections of the diamond. The best diamonds, of course get a grade of FL or IF – Flawless or Internally Flawless – meaning that it is perfect. A grade of I-1, I-2 or I-3 means that the diamond is imperfect, with a grade of I-3 being the worst.

Other grades are VVS1 and VVS2, which means that the diamond is very, very slightly imperfect; VS1 and VS2, meaning the diamond is very slightly imperfect; SI-1 and SI-2, which means that the diamond is slightly imperfect.

When buying diamonds and diamond jewelry, visit a reputable dealer and ask the right questions. By doing your due diligence, you will be happy with the result of your eventual purchases.

Diamond Rings are True to the Heart

Some of the world’s largest and most valuable diamonds are in the Tower of London in the British Crown Jewels

Diamond is a mineral and is the hardest known substance to man, but one of the simplest being composed of carbon and the first recorded history dates back to some 3000 years ago to India. Throughout history diamonds have been associated with mystical power, great beauty and more recently great value and wealth. The word comes from the Greek meaning ‘adamas’ meaning unconquerable and they have been worn throughout the ages by men going into battle as a sign of strength, courage and invincibility.

Most diamonds still originate from central and south Africa although there have been other significant finds in Canada, Brazil, Australia and the biggest diamond mine is in Siberia. The diamond market is very much dominated by De Beers to control the supply and price of diamonds across the world by what some would say are monopolistic practices.

Some of the worlds largest and most valuable diamonds are in the Tower of London in the British Crown Jewels.

Diamonds are indeed very desirable objects and are worn throughout the world set in precious metals in many different types of jewellery. One of the most common pieces of jewellery is still the ladies diamond engagement ring and many women still choose to have a diamond as a symbol of love to wear on their engagement finger whether it be the traditional solitaire or three diamonds which some believe signifies ‘I love you’.
Diamonds have always been associated with romance and legend and it is said that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds because they possess a magic that nothing else has equalled.

Diamonds vary enormously in price according to size and quality so when choosing diamond rings it is important to consider your budget.

Diamonds are graded according to the 4 c’s which refers to cut, clarity, colour and carat.
The cut of a diamond is very important as it affects the reflective qualities, which will determine the brilliance of a diamond and how it looks to the naked eye. Cut should not be confused with shape such as pear, emerald, round etc.

Clarity refer to the number of flaws known as inclusions in the stone and the stones which have fewer inclusion are more highly prized and valuable because they have greater brilliance. Remember though that a diamond doesn’t have to be flawless to look absolutely stunning.

Diamond colour usually refers to whiteness or colourlessness in white diamonds with those with least colour being more valuable because of their ability to pass more light giving more sparkle and fire. Coloured diamonds do occur naturally ranging from blue to green but they are rare and very expensive.

Carat is the unit of weight for measuring the size of diamonds and in this case it really is a case of size does matter. The value of a diamond rises exponentially in relation to its size so the cost of a 4 carat stone for instance will not be double the cost of a 2 carat stone but very much more. So it is all down to your budget and not a measure of how much someone loves another.

Cost is important when buying a diamond ring but you will find that there is a huge choice out there that will fit within your budget. Remember that clever design and settings can make a diamond appear bigger but if you really want a larger stone on a limited budget you could decide to purchase a stone which is graded slightly lower in terms of clarity and colour.

Diamond Necklaces

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so diamond necklaces must be the best friend that lasts forever.

Diamond necklaces are one fashion accessory that can be worn with virtually any outfit. Depending on the size and the style of the necklace it can dress up a casual outfit of jeans or a sweater or it can be the finishing touch to an elegant gown.

Diamond necklaces come in many different designs and the most difficult part in choosing one can be deciding which one best suits your personality.

One of the first considerations when purchasing a diamond necklace is the size of the diamond. Diamonds are measured in carats with a larger number indicating a larger and more expensive stone.

Some diamond necklaces contain a single stone while others have a collection of smaller stones. In the case of the necklace with several smaller stones the diamonds weight are added together to give you a total carat weight for the necklace.

Although it’s important to consider the size when purchasing diamond necklaces it’s also advisable to take other characteristics of the diamond into account.

All diamonds are judged on their color. If you briefly glance at a diamond you might consider that they are all a brilliant clear color. This isn’t true.

There are diamond necklaces that cover a full range of hues. Diamonds are placed in several different color categories. Colorless and white are two of them. These types of diamonds when placed in diamond necklaces are considered the purest form of diamond.

Other colors of diamonds include blue, yellow, orange, pink, brown, green and red. If a diamond has a hint of any of these colors it is considered to be impure. They are stunning though and make a wonderful additional to diamond necklaces.

Purchasing diamond necklaces can be done several ways. If you are looking for diamond necklaces that you’d consider an investment you’re advised to visit a local, reputable retailer who specializes in the sale of diamonds. They can explain the different designs, size and clarity of the diamond necklaces to you. They will also, often, offer a guarantee which provides for any repair and cleaning of the necklace.

Many jewelry retailers also provide a trade-in option. This means that if you decide not to keep the diamond necklaces you’ve purchased that you will be able to return them to the store. The store will purchase them back from you for a percentage of the original cost.

If you are looking for less expensive diamond necklaces you might try an online retailer. There are several online sources to buy diamond necklaces. Often they are low priced because of the high volume they deal in.

Many online stores that do sell diamond necklaces have testimonials or reviews posted. Read these and see how others who have used the site felt about their diamond necklaces purchase. It’s nice having a little insight into the company you are dealing with when you are planning on purchasing something as special as a diamond necklace.

Regardless of where you purchase your diamond necklace you’ll be thrilled with the product. Diamond necklaces have a way of brightening up the smile of any woman wearing one. They make beautiful and thoughtful gifts for any occasion.

Diamond Cuts

It is said that the true worth of a diamond is determined by its clarity, cut, carat and color. Generally, people evaluate the worth of their money by diamond’s color and size but they are really naïve about its cut. In fact, the cut of a diamond is a major factor in establishing its price.

The cut in a diamond is really important as a small mistake in cut can ruin the whole piece so, it should be done intelligently and carefully that enhances the look and beauty of the piece. Therefore, it totally depends upon the expertise and magic of cutter’s hand in shaping up the raw stone into the refined glittering gem that lays its impact on its wearer for forever.

Diamonds are available in different shapes such as round, oval, marquise, pear, heart, emerald pieces and radiant that distinguishes diamonds according to its varieties. So, it’s really tough for a cutter to bring a life in diamond from a dull stone to a dazzling sparkling gem that is cherished by its wearers. For making a diamond alive certain principles have to be keeping in mind, let’s know them in brief:

Depth of a diamond is important in giving an accurate angle to the raw piece that further divert the internal lights of the stone from upside, bottom, sides and corners. If it is done poorly, the radiance of the diamond gets lost and restricts its real glow and charm so, the depth is always considered sharply.

Symmetry refers to perfect alignment of diamond’s facets; it satisfies the eye and enhances the brilliance and glow of the diamond. A diamond will look dull and when done improperly and misaligned.

Polish means smoothness of the surface of the diamond that brings real glow in the diamond. With the invention of new techniques of polish, it has become very easy to bring out the glitter of the piece and refinement as lights easily enters into it and passes easily and effortlessly.

So, a true diamond is not only based on its clarity, weight and color but its cut is also a major factor in deciding its brilliance and shine that people just ignore while buying. For us, its brilliance and glow is the reasons for its high cost that takes our heart easily. But, it’s the fact that the radiance of the diamond depends highly on its cut.

Designing with Accent Beads

Designing with accent beads can be an exciting endeavor. I like to think of accent beads as a frame to put all the attention on the gemstone bead that I am making the main attraction. Accent beads call also used to high light the pattern in a stone or mirror that pattern.

I have also used precious metal accent beads in numerical patterns that follow the rules of sacred geometry to enhance the wearer, health, goals or possible help them access some character within themselves such as charity, compassion or insight into their own behavior. If one is having trouble meeting their goals by not taking systematic step you can you a pattern of progression like the simple 1,2,3,4,5 repeat or 2, 5, 7, repeat. Another way to accent a stone is by mirroring the properties of the stone such as a moonstone. You can base a moonstone design on all the number associated with a moon cycle, 12, 9, 3 and 4’s this is much easier to achieve with accent beads than with moonstone alone as you would have to have many different shapes or sized of moonstone.

Such a piece would be good for an expectant mother or someone that needs to have their cycles regulated or perhaps tame PMS. You could further enhance this design by using disc shaped sterling accent beads that reflect the shape and color of the full moon. This is just one example of using accent beads to add to your designing library. You can use numeric patterns to add beauty and dimension to any design.

Another use of accent beads is to add to the richness of your piece. Gold, Vermeil or Gold filled beads can accomplish this from a lavish outlay in 20K to a more modest one using Vermeil or gold filled beads but still achieving the look of a sophisticated valuable jewelry article. Gold brings the look of wealth, abundance and luxury. It also adds joy or celebratory nuances because it mirrors the look of the full summer sun a time of plenty and jubilation.

You can look at ancient jewelry piece from Egypt, Phoenicia, Greek or Rome for inspiration. It is easy to see how they incorporated accent beads to play up the drama and power of their designs.

The applications for using accent beads are endless. Accent beads can extend your design options without limitations. Don’t be afraid to experiment. The wonderful thing about beading is that if it doesn’t appeal, doesn’t feel ‘right’, you can undo it and start again!

-Sylvia Rose

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Diamond Watches: The Brand of Elegance

The class of having a diamond watch. Diamonds watches being a fad of today and tomorrow.

The beautiful gemstone diamond is used in many jewels, including watches. Diamonds embedded in watches is a fairly new innovative use, and one which is much admired for the beauty it provides to the most formal looking hand adornment like a watch. Diamond watches are very popular with both women and men, mainly due to the elegant look without looking too loud.

Diamond watches are available in plenty in the market today, keeping in mind the demand. They are available in various sizes and shapes, from the highly expensive to the decently priced ones. The reason for the huge demand is also because of their prices, which are more affordable now than ever before. A diamond watch is not like pieces of jewelry made for a woman only, and will look equally elegant on both genders.

Diamond watches are made keeping in mind the various activities people involve in. If out on the track, you have a diamond watch that matches the mood. If you are into sports, there are the typical sports diamond watches available. In fact, even in sports watches, you can segregate watches for different sports.

The classic diamond watch never goes out of vogue and is a woman’s favorite for a great evening out. There are several popular brands that are manufacturing diamond watches. Some of these brands that make the classic diamond watch are the big names, Rolex, Seiko, Omega, Citizen, Cartier, and Bulova.

If you think it’s a woman’s prerogative to wear diamonds on her wrist, then you cannot be farther from the truth. The fact is that men are sporting cool looking diamond watches too. The men’s watch line has sophisticated looking watches and the diamonds make them look elegant. Men’s diamond watches are being churned out by these big names as fervently as are the women’s watches. Obviously, men’s diamond watches are surrounded by the aura of masculinity and power, are larger in size, and look totally different from a woman’s diamond watch.

Purchasing a diamond watch is exciting but you end up feeling lost if you are not sure of the quality of the diamonds used in the watch. Do not be under the wrong assumption that the more expensive a diamond watch is, the better the quality of diamonds. It helps to purchase a diamond watch from a reputed dealer. Don’t just look at the brand and buy, it could be one of those duplicate diamond watches. These days, once a brand releases their newest entry into the market, a duplicate comes out claiming to be the original within a matter of days. You need to exercise caution. So, not only the brand but also the dealer’s reputation is important.

Diamond watches are available to match individual personalities and lifestyles, for both women and men. Imagine wearing a beautiful diamond watch to go with an elegant black dress.

Whether you are a woman or a man, you are sure to find a diamond watch to match your personality. These watches give a pep up to your wardrobe. No matter what your budget is, you will find one that fits your budget. Go on and get one for yourself and see what it feels like, feel the excitement of owning one.

Diamond Rings Stands the Test of Time

The diamond ring has been around for eternity. This symbol of beauty has stood the test of time for showing wealth and privilege.

A diamond ring is very popular amongst everybody, from the young to old people. Usually people that are buying diamonds for the first time, go in for a ring. A diamond ring adds beauty to the hands of the wearer.

Most people buy diamond rings for engagements or as a gift to a loved one. The bond that a diamond ring creates between two people cannot be denied. A gift of a diamond ring is an expression of love and lifelong commitment and unity.

The person who was behind the invention of the diamond ring was wise in his forethought. I say that because diamond rings have come to be a commodity that generates billions of dollars in sales every year.

Diamond rings come in several designs and shapes, from the intricately designed one to the most simple, depending on your need. The most elegant and the queen amongst all is the solitaire diamond ring. The several styles these come in includes trellis diamond rings, basket diamond rings, and Tiffany classic solitaire diamond rings.

Diamond rings were in existence for thousands of years, especially the wedding rings. There is an interesting story about how this diamond ring came into being. Many years ago, the marriage agreement was documented with inscription on the ring. It was thus seen as a sign of fidelity and as the bonding of two hearts in marriage.

When purchasing a diamond ring, look into the guide to decide if it is the right ring for the occasion. There are engagement rings, pre-engagement rings that are called ‘promise’ rings, wedding rings, and several others for every occasion. Diamond rings are not only worn by the women but also by men. Previously, the standard for a diamond ring was diamonds set in gold, but now they are set in various metals including platinum. These days a set of two diamond rings, one for the woman and one for the man, is in vogue.

A diamond ring is certainly more stylish than a regular gold ring or white gold ring. Here are a few ideas that have been followed for ages, about how to wear a diamond ring. It is fashionable to wear diamond rings on the right hand fingers and this depicts an independent natured woman who is happy with her life. I am sure this is something most women of today would want to follow. Another diamond ring that is in vogue is the four-leaf clover themed ring. This has become the fashion amongst the fashion conscious, because most celebrities wear them when out partying.

Whatever your reason for wanting to buy a diamond ring, know and understand your type of diamond, keeping in mind the occasion. Today, a diamond ring is the trend, and there can be nothing better than a diamond ring, either to please yourself or your loved ones.

Get a diamond for your loved one and see the glint in her eyes that far outshines the glint from the gleaming rings itself.